Top 10 manufacturing companies in Kerala

 The manufacturing industry has been one of the most significant sectors in Kerala. The simple fact that it has contributed more than 50% of State GDP is a testament to its role. With the government encouraging entrepreneurship, the sector is expected to grow at a faster rate. In this list, we look at some of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Kerala that deserve to be on your radar.


1.JR Rubber Industries

Jr rubber industries manufacturing company kerala

The enterprise was founded in the year nineteen ninety-seven. It is leading the production of high-value rubber moulds. These moulds are crucial for the building industry. The mould is the wet casting to create the concrete paver or tile. Moreover, twenty-nine countries across the globe use the products of this business. African countries also use these moulds extensively. The company has a team of engineers based in Nairobi. It is headquartered in Thrissur.

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2.Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company

Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Manufacturing Company kerala

This company is a public sector undertaking that is owned by the government of Kerala. It has four high technology manufacturing hubs. Every metro in India has its sales as well as service centers. Even some special cities have these units.

The best part is that it has five decades of experience as well as proficiency. It has proficiency in building products that include train lighting alternators, designing-construction of various roads, bridges, railway products, dam-related products, aerial bunched conductors. It also maintains hydro-mechanic equipment sets like the gate, hoist and penstock-pipe. Apart from these it also manufactures switchgear, transformers as well as cast resin transformers. Crucial sectors like the defenses, irrigational as well as a power project, space research, electricity, railways and public relies heavily upon its products. It has the company headquarters at Kochi.

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3.JAJ Equipment Industries

JAJ Equipment Industries company kerala

Jaj is also a ranking best in manufacturing companies in Kerala. This business was founded in the year two thousand and six. It has its headquarters in Thrissur. This enterprise leads in the manufacture of ace level kitchens. Its vast product ranges include cooking ranges, exhaust system, refrigeration systems, kitchen units as well as trolleys. Top companies from various sectors rely heavily upon their products. Some big companies that buy its products are ASTER MIMS, Thalappakatti restaurants, mother Hospital, KTDC, Barbeque Nation, and Joys Palace. Even some big schools buy their products.  Resorts, hotels and restaurants need their products each day.

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4.Darvaas Industries 

Darvaas Industries manufacturing kerala

This company is headquartered in Palakkad. The enterprise specializes in building state-of-the-art fiber doors. These doors are used extensively by the building, residential, homes, hospitality, hospital sectors. Fiber doors are cheaper and easier to maintain compared to other kinds of doors. In this way, the company helps the environment and the builders creating better, faster as well as water-resistant doors.

5.Traco Cable Company 

tarco manufacturing company kerala

The business is headquartered in Kochi. This company leads in the manufacture of power cable, bare conductor, LT-Aerial bunched cables and XLPE-insulated wire or strip. It started its operations in the year nineteen sixty-four. For five decades and more the company has been offering products to the building, hospital, construction, residential and various other sectors. This enterprise creates products for electricity, railways, telecommunications. Goa and Kerala governments extensively use its products.  

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6.Parisons Group of Companies

parisons group of manufacturing companies kerala

 This company is headquartered in Kozhikode. The company creates consumer and business-related food products. These food products include various high-quality oils, cooking fats, teas and delicious biscuits. All its products are created from raw materials from Kerala’s natural richness. It was founded in the year nineteen eighty-two. It initially gained victory through the operation of a large number of wheat flour mills. Now the company has diversified to create products like Green tea, bread, semolina as well as the instant cake mix.

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7.Palakkad Surgical Industries

Palakkad Surgical Industries best manufacturing company in kerala

This enterprise was founded in the year nineteen sixty-one. The company leads in the production of surgery-related tools. It also markets its own products. They have great experience in creating ingenious products which match the constantly growing medical surgery sector. The company creates crucial products for the medical industry and they rely heavily upon this company. This company also builds equipment related to patient care and mobility, medical IT as well as sterile processing.

8.LImar Trading Company

limar best trading company kerala

This company belongs to the Kabani group companies. The company is headquartered in Kozhikode. It was founded in the year nineteen eighty-five. This enterprise has great experience that spans thirty years. The founder of this group is Mohammed Seethi. According to the business website, the enterprise has an annual income of ten crore rupees. It is a leading manufacturer of hygiene products. These products include high-value soaps, detergents and washing soap bars. Thus the hospitality, hospital, residential and homes hugely depend on the products of this enterprise.

9.Winjet Polymers 

winjet polymers manufacturing company kerala

This company was founded in year two thousand and thirteen. The enterprise boasts of being the top manufacturing unit for high-value Pet Bottle and various PET-plastic products. Only the highest quality polymer set is used in this company. It specializes in creating ingenious bottles and containers to cater to the modern generation. Hence, many sectors such as the school, colleges, homes, hospitality, hospital and tourist industry heavily rely on their products. Furthermore, it has a high-technology manufacturing unit in Kannur. The good aspect of this business is that it’s been creating great products for more than ten years.

10.Barch Lighting

Barch Lighting manufacturing company kerala

Barch Lighting is a leading producer of various sorts of lights. These lights are predominantly LED lights and related products. The company is headquartered in Kochi. The ace level products created by this company include lights for down, street, flood, track, panel, slim, integrated tube, junction and bulb. Sectors like hospitality, construction, residential, hospital, IT, corporate and similar ones need the bulbs from this company.


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