Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Although there are plenty of automatic washing machine models and variants out in the market, the automatic washer offers a multitude of advantages to the customer when compared to other ones. 

Also, the fully automatic washer price is comparatively on the reasonable side for the customer to buy. It also makes your laundry routine more optimized and easier. Investing in a fully automatic washer will benefit you greatly in the long run. 

Although the automatic washer might be a little higher when compared to the semi-automatic washer, it weighs higher in terms of operation, performance, user-friendliness, and many more. Many top brands like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung produce top-selling automatic washer that you can buy for your home. 

To help you gain in-depth information on the same, we have listed some of the best automatic washer you should buy. Scroll down to know more!


Automatic Washer (DIVA AQUA SX) with Fully-Automatic Function: 6 kg Silver

This fully automatic front load washer produced by IFB will be a terrific purchase for your home. The 6kg capacity of this machine will be the perfect choice for a family of two to four members. It is the best in providing effective washing and quick drying. 

The 800rpm of the washing machine acts prudently in lowering the drying time of the washed clothes. It also comes with 12 additional wash programs to make it better for the user. This fully automatic washing machine price is Rs. 22990 at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store with other exclusive benefits.

6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washer Stainless Steel Panasonic NA-F65H7SRB

By getting a top load washing machine, you will have the advantage of adding the missed-out clothes during the washing routine, which is not possible with the front load washing machine. Another attractive trait is that the top load washing machine price is very much lower than the front load washing machine. 

This machine is equipped with an Aqua wave pulsator that works effectively in removing even the hardest of the stains. It also comes with an additional six washing programs to make the work easier for the user. This fully automatic washing machine price is Rs. 20000 at the EMI Store, with an installment plan starting from Rs. 2000 for eight months.

(8 Kg, Fully Automatic Front Load Washer, HW80-BD12756NZP) from Haier

Haier is one of the established brands out there in the market which you can invest in. The automatic front load washer serves great in both washing and drying your clothes. The spin time is rendered less with the help of the 1200 rpm capacity of this washing machine. 

The 8 kg capacity of this machine perfectly suits the requirements of medium to large families with a count of 4 to 6 members. This washing machine also comes with a timer and auto reminder setting, which is very beneficial. This fully automatic washer price is Rs. 36,500, and the EMI plan starts at Rs. 3042 for 12 months. 

Fully Automatic Washer White 7 Kg Whirlpool (FRESH CARE 7212 31285)

Getting this Whirlpool washing machine, you can easily go about your laundry routine of washing and drying clothes effectively. The front load washing machine price will usually be a little higher than the top load washing machine because of the advanced controls and effective performance. 

This fully automatic washer price is found to be in the very affordable range and is the best thing you can get for your house. The 1200 rpm and 7kg capacity make it ideal for joint families. The EMI plan for this washing machine starts at Rs. 7187 for six months. 

Front-loading Bosch 7 Kg Fully Automatic Machine (WAK24168IN)

This Bosch automatic washer is one of the best-selling front load automatic washer variants in the market. It is very popular among the crowd and has many exclusive features. The higher 1200 rpm speed of the washing machine dries your washing clothes within a matter of minutes. 

The 7kg capacity of this machine perfectly suits the needs of a family of three to four-member in an effective manner. This fully automatic washing machine price is Rs. 33900, and the EMI plan is around Rs. 3390 for eight months. 

At the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can find the best-selling models of home appliances at lucrative offers and slashed prices. You can get your favorite washing machine price in a reasonable range with no cost EMI and zero down payment option. There are more than 1.2 Lakh EMI Stores in around 1900 major cities of India, which houses a million products for the customers to choose from. Head to the nearest store today!

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65A4002VS/TL, Imperial Silver, Diamond Drum)

This Samsung automatic washer is a fully automatic top load washer with affordable price in the market. This washer has great wash quality and easy to use. It has the capacity of 6.5 kg and it is suitable for small family. RPM of this machine is 680 ( Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying ). This machine has 6 wash programs : Normal, Quick wash, Delicates, Soak + Normal, Energy Saving and Eco Tub Clean.

This fully automatic washer is found to be in very affordable range compared to other automatic machines in the market. This 6.5 kg machine only costs around Rs. 15000. This is a best suitable choice for families with 3-4 members. If you want a automatic washer for 3-4 member with low price , GO FOR IT !


How many clothes can go in 7kg washer ?

  • In a 7kg machine, you can wash almost 40 t-shirts or 4 dishcloths, 3 pillow cases, 2 bedsheets.

Does automatic washer consume more electricity ?

  • With their big and bulky size, you may surmise that washing machines are expensive to operate. However, did you know that a washing machine typically has a lower wattage compared to refrigerators and air conditioners.

What is the meaning of RPM in washing machine ?

  • Spin cycle, The spin cycle for drying is measured as Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). The higher the rpm, the better it will dry your clothes.

What is the main advantage of automatic washing machine ?

  • Better wash quality is the main advantage of automatic washer. thanks to their long wash cycles and tumble wash.

Can we put water manually in automatic washer ?

  • Yes we can. you can manually add water to your washing machine. This however, eliminates all that a fully automatic washing machine originally possessed. You should purchase a washing machine model that can work even with low water pressure to aid with this.


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