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A home is where you come after a day’s tiring work. A sophisticated and luxurious home contributes to being the dream of every man. Here we list the top 10 builders in Calicut.

Today, a wide assortment of Builders have come into being in Calicut which offers top-quality homes in the place. You are sure to find the royal blend of excellence in these homes.

Different apartments and flats have been developed in the city of Calicut that offers top quality of living in the place. You will forget all the stress as you come back to these homes after a tiring day’s work.


Here are some of the leading builders in Calicut

1. PVS Builders

builders in calicut

PVS Builders started in the year of 1991 with a vision to build homes as per customer’s requirements which is affordable to all at a reasonable price.

PVS Builders is a well-diversified construction company that has built up a good reputation for itself within a short span of time by providing affordable housing to middle-class Indians. With an experience of 31 years in the industry, this real estate developer has developed a Trusted Customer Base of above 1500.

PVS Builders have completed 4 projects in Calicut, 1 project in Wayanad, 1 project in Kannur, and 14 ongoing projects in Calicut, Kannur, and Wayanad districts. With the quality construction and reasonable price, our customers are satisfied with us because of our trustworthy business practice. They have come up with some signature class apartments in  Calicut.

2. Hilite Builders

builders in calicut

HiLITE Builders & Developers is one of the best home builders in Calicut. With an experience of 10 years in the industry, this real estate developer has gained success in completing 16 projects now.

HiLITE Builders& Developers have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to delivering world-class designs, engineering, and construction services, we at HiLITE strive to develop an unparalleled customer experience that exceeds client expectations. and also they are on the list of  the best builders in Kerala

3. TC-One Properties

builders in calicut

TC-One Properties is yet another prominent name on the list of top real estate Builders in Calicut. With a handful of experience of 9 years in the industry.

This real estate developer takes pride in quality, safety, and scheduling. This real estate developer makes use of the full potential of creating lifestyles to design the most luxurious homes for you. Your dream of a perfect place is going to come true as you hire the services of this real estate builder.

4. Q-Developers

builders in calicut

Q-Developer has become the number one choice for flats in Calicut. This real estate developer stands second to none in making your dream of a luxurious home come true

. You are sure to procure peace of mind as you buy homes from this real estate developer. It has gained high popularity in developing some of the luxurious apartments here.

The homes offer top-class design solutions here. The homes, developed by this real estate industry stand second to none in terms of style and satisfaction.

5. Conmate builders and developers

conmate builders

conmate Builders and Developers are considered to be well-renowned builders in Calicut. This real estate developer has gained success in completing 5 projects now.

Along with an experience of 10 years in the industry, this real estate developer developed a trusted customer base of more than 500. This developer makes use of a plethora of skills to bring out the most luxurious living space for you.

6. Tamarind Builders

buildersin calicut

TamarindBuilders which are one of the most highly regarded and trusted construction companies in Kerala today.

Tamarind has been successful in completing just one project till now but the team at Tamarind believes that it’s better to build only one house right than to build 100 houses wrong.

The proud owners of a house built by Tamarind have nothing but good things to say about their experience and they even go as far as recommending them to their friends and family members who might be looking to buy or sell their homes soon.

7. Lloyd Builders

builders in calicut

Lloyd Builders is recognized to be one of the top real estate developers in Calicut.

Lloyd Builders, one of the top real estate developers in Calicut, offers an extensive range of residential and commercial projects designed to meet the specific needs of all clients. When you invest in any Lloyd Builders property, you have assured quality, reliability, and long-term returns on your investment.

Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase or lease a new home, start your own business, or rent out office space, Lloyd Builders has got you covered in every way possible!.  Lloyd Builders has an experience of 5 years in the industry.

8. Incite builders and developers

builders in calicut

Incite builders and developers are a popular name in the list of real-estate developers in Calicut. With an experience of 8 years in the industry, this real estate developer has gained success in completing 3 projects now. It has formed a Trusted Customer Base of more than 100.

9. Malabar developers

builders in calicut

Malabar developers happen to be one of the top real estate developers in Calicut. With over 23 years of expertise in the construction industry, and having dealt with the tedious process of making real estate projects happen and being the go-to people for clients and customers, the experience we have gained over the years has helped us create an exclusive Land Acquisition Division that has helped us acquire more than 50 acres of prime land across Kozhikode.  This developer comes with top-quality homes and earned a customer base of more than 500.

10. Queens Habitat

builders in calicut

Queens Habitat has been building homes in Calicut since 2016, and we have grown from strength to strength since then.

Having built homes for more than 200 families in Calicut, we have gotten really good at it! Our customers like our work so much that many of them have come back to us when they are ready to build again and have also referred their friends and family to us, which helps us grow our clientele further every year.

We’re sure you will appreciate the quality of work we do and will happily refer your friends and family to us as well