Here are the ten best product based companies in India. This post offers a glimpse of these giant companies. Read along to find out more.



adobe product based company

This is one of the product based companies in India, it started operation during the nineteen-eighty two. John Warnock alongside Charles Geschke created this enterprise in California

The top products include PDF, Adobe Flash web program ecosystem, Photoshop image editor, Adobe Illustrator vector graphics program as well as Acrobat Reader.

The CEO is Shantanu Narayen and the headquarters are at San Jose, California, USA. It creates an annual value of eleven point seventeen billion USD. This company has a staff strength of almost twenty thousand. Visit it online at


amazon product based company in india

This company’s head is Jeff Bezos. It was created during the nineteen-nineties, at Washington, USA. It began operations as an online market for books.

Yet, the company started to sell much valuable stuff such as various electronic goods, video games, cloth related stuff, wooden stuff, food-related stuff and others.

Top goods from Amazon include e-commerce sites, Cloud computing-related stuff, as well as  Artificial intelligence-related items linked to stuff such as Amazon-Alexa, Amazon-Fire TV and Amazon-Kindle. The first tagline of Amazon was something similar to ‘The earth’s biggest bookstore’.

It is headquartered at Seattle in the United States. The company earns two hundred and eighty billion USD. The company has over 839,000 staff. Visit it online at

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amdocs best company in india

This enterprise leads in the Telecom Domain products and services. This company was created by Morris Kahn at Israel in the year nineteen eighty-two.

Top products of this enterprise are telecommunications stuff. It leads the market for the telecommunication sector. This edge comes from products such as ABP Amdocs billing-related items, OSS and BSS-linked stuff, CRM customer relationship managing-linked as well as OMS-linked items.

The CEO of Amdocs is Shuky Sheffer. This company is headquartered in Missouri in the USA. 

It creates a wealth of four point one billion USD. While the total number of last counted staff strength was about twenty-five thousand. Visit this company online at

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bmc best product based company

This enterprise stands among the top product-based companies in India created by Dan Cloer, Scott Boulette, as well as John J. Moores. It was made in the year nineteen eighty at Texas in the United States. 

Top stuff includes the Control-M program platform which is famous. It’s CEO is Ayman Sayed while the company is headquartered at Houston, Texas in the United States. It creates value up to two point two billion USD.

It has a staff strength of six thousand plus.

Visit it online at

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cisco best product based company 2021

It is one of the top 10 product-based companies in India created in the nineteen eighties by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner.

Top stuff from this company includes Catalyst 9100 Access Point, Catalyst 9600 Series Switch, Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller,4000 Series Integrated Services Router, Cisco DNA Centers, Nexus 9000 Series Switches and Webex’s.

The CEO is Chuck Robbins and it is headquartered at California in the United States. It creates wealth up to fifty-one point billion USD. The staff strength exceeds seventy-five thousand in number. Visit it online at


facebook product  based company india

It was created in two thousand and four by Mark Zuckerberg as well as five others. This company stands easily on the list among the greatest social-linked websites.

Top stuff from this company includes Facebook-services, Instagram-services, Messenger-service, WhatsApp-services, Watch-service, Portal-services, Oculus-service, Calibra-services, Giphy-service.

You also get stuff such as Messenger-linked items, Watch-service, as well as Portal-related products.

The CEO is Mark Zuckerberg and it is headquartered in California in the United States. The company creates wealth up to seventy point six billion USD. The staff number is almost forty-four thousand and more. Visit this business online at

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google product based company in india

Sergey Brin, as well as Larry Page, founded it in the nineteen nineties. Top stuff from this company includes Google Search-connected products, Google Docs-services as well as Google Keep-services.

Besides this business offers Google Sheets-related stuff, Google Maps-services, Google Slides-services, Gmail-connected items and Google Calendar-services.

Later on, this business started to provide Google Drive-related stuff, Duo-services, Hangouts-connected products, Google Translate-services and Waze-services.

Similarly, it’s products list includes Google Earth-services, Street View-services, YouTube-services, Google Photos-services and Google Chrome-services. 

Apart from such outstanding products it also creates Chrome OS-services, Google Pixel-services, Google Home-services, Google wifi-services as well as Google Daydream-services.

Now it’s phenomenal contribution extends to Google Fiber-services, Google Fi-services as well as Google Station-services.

The CEO is Sundar Pichai and it is headquartered in California in the United States. It creates wealth up to Sixty-six billion USD. its staff number exceeds a hundred and fourteen thousand.

Visit it online at

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8.HP or Hewlett-Packard

hp best product based company in india

It was founded in the year nineteen thirty-nine. Top stuff from HP includes types of the printer, digital camera, scanner, calculator, Personal Digital Assistant, server, workstation computer, home computer, and computer for small businesses.

It offers several kinds of cloud computing solution-connected items and software service-linked projects.

The CEO is Enrique Lores and is headquartered at California in the United States. It has a value of five billion USD. The staff here exceeds the number of sixty-six thousand. Visit it online at

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9.IBM or International Business Machines Corporation

ibm company in india

It is one of the best businesses in the world and falls under the list of product-based companies in India. The plan for this company was made in the eighteen-eighties. It offers top products like computer hardware, software, as well as middleware.

The company completes consulting jobs as well as hosting-related tasks for mainframe computers-linked tasks and nanotechnology-connected services.

The CEO of this business is Arvind Krishna and it is headquartered at New York in the United States. It has a value of seventy-seven points fourteen billion USD. The staff exceeds the number three hundred and fifty-two thousand. Visit it online at


intel company in india

This company was built during the nineteen sixties era. The founders are Arthur Rock, Gordon E. Moore as well as Robert Noyce. The company leads in the semiconductor-related chip manufacturers list. These items are important for the computer-microprocessor sectors.

It previously offered stuff for HP-linked items, Apple-linked stuff, Dell-linked stuff and Lenovo-linked items. 

Top products of this company are SRAM-related items as well as DRAM-linked stuff.

You also get a semiconductor chipset-linked product, motherboard chipset-linked item, network interface controller-linked stuff, integrated circuit-linked item, flash memories-linked stuff, graphics chip-related product and even the embedded processor-linked item.

It also offers other gadgets linked to communicating alongside computation-related stuff.

The CEO of this company is Bob Swan. It is headquartered in California in the United States. This enterprise creates a value of seventy point nine billion USD. While the staff number exceeds three hundred and fifty-one thousand. Visit it online at

Those were the top ten product-based companies. Hoping you gained some knowledge about them. Come back for more of such awesome information here


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