In this post, we give you simplified knowledge about the list of manufacturing companies in Ernakulam, India. Below you can get a brief introduction about these great businesses.

  1. CEAT 


Ceat, manufacturing company ernakulam

It has its headquarters in Ernakulam. The enterprise has a staff strength that goes up to nine thousand in number. This company builds well-known products for the industrial manufacturing sector. It comes under the RPG enterprises. This company was created during the nineteen fifties.

The business is known to be the leading manufacturing company for tyres. This company has the power to build seven hundred tonnes of products.  This company gives the greatest variety in terms of the kinds of tyres. It has a value of one billion USD.

2. Preethi Home Appliances


Preethi, manufacturing company ernakulam

This company has almost five thousand staff in it’s Ernakulam branch. It creates awesome consumer products. Preethi Kitchen Appliances was bought by Philips which is a Dutch conglomerate headquartered in Amsterdam. It presently has a staff strength of eighty thousand. The company was created in the year eighteen ninety-one. 

3. Luminous Power Technologies

luminous, manufacturing company ernakulam

The enterprise has a staff strength of nine thousand people in it’s Ernakulam branch. The company creates a high variety of products for power back up and home electrical stuff. It also creates stuff for residential solar space.

Here it manufactures stuff like inverters batteries and solar solutions. Under solar products, it offers the modular switch, the LED light and the fan.

It was created in the year nineteen eighty-eight. The business is a product of the parent company called Schneider electric. The subsidiary is the enterprise called Tritronics.

4. Cochin Shipyard

Cochin shipyard , manufacturing company ernakulam

The business has its headquarters in Ernakulam. It possesses almost nine thousand and more staff. And it creates fantastic products for the transportation equipment manufacturing sector.  

This company is the biggest shipbuilding and maintaining an office in our country. It links to the maritime-connected systems in Cochin, India. Top products from this amazing company are double-hulled oil tanker sets as well as platform supply vessel sets. 

It was founded in the nineteen seventies and it is headquartered in India. Its wealth adds up to three thousand crores in rupees or five hundred and ten million USD. It has a staff strength of over one thousand seven hundred.

5. Kone

Kone , manufacturing company ernakulam

Kone has a branch in Ernakulam. This company has a staff strength that’s more than ten thousand. It leads to manufacturing products for the escalator and the elevator sector. The company also creates stuff like automatic building doors. Plus this company creates high-end products for maintaining and modernizing any building. 

Also called Kone Oyj, and it was created in the year nineteen ten. The headquarters are at Espoo in Finland. The total staff strength goes up to fifty-five thousand spanning sixty nations. It also builds moving walkways in some countries. This company gets revenue of eight ninety four crores in USD.

6. Hero MotoCorp

Hero, manufacturing company ernakulam

Hero MotoCorp has a branch at Ernakulam. Here it has about ten thousand and more staff. It is the biggest producer of two-wheelers in the whole world. The company was built in the year nineteen eighty-four. It has the headquarter in New Delhi, which is in India. It builds great scooters and motorcycles. The enterprise has a staggering value of twenty-nine thousand crores in rupees or four-point one billion USD. This company created seven crore units in the year 2018.

7. Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate - palmolive manufacturing company ernakulam

This company has a branch in Ernakulam with a staff number of ten thousand. This company is a consumer product creating enterprise. It has the headquarters in Manhattan in the United States.

Top stuff from this company includes creation and distribution of stuff related to home, veterinary, health and personal care. It was founded by William Colgate in the eighteen hundreds at New York in the USA. The CEO is Noel R. Wallace. It creates a wealth of up to a thousand five hundred crores in USD.

8. Nestle

Nestle , manufacturing company ernakulam

This enterprise has a branch in Ernakulam. The staff number here adds up to ten thousand and more. It has the headquarter in Vaud in Switzerland. It is the biggest food enterprise in the globe. The CEO is Ulf Mark Sneider. It was founded by Henri Nestle. The company has a revenue value that is close to nine thousand crores in CHF.

9. Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres , manufacturing company ernakulam

This enterprise is also headquartered in Ernakulam. This enterprise has about nine hundred staff. It creates the best quality products for the Industrial manufacturing sector.

This enterprise excels in tyre manufacturing. The headquarters is at Haryana in India. It was founded in the nineteen seventies. The first company was made in Thrissur which is in the state of Kerala. Now it has branches even in Hungary and the Netherlands. The Chairperson is Onkar Singh Kanwar. The wealth of this company adds up to sixteen thousand three hundred and seventy-three crores in rupees.

10. Synthite Industries

Synthite , manufacturing company ernakulam

This company is situated in Ernakulam. The company has about four thousand nine hundred staff. It creates a high range of products for the food and beverage sector. 

This business leads in extracting oleoresin from various food items. This resin offers stuff that improves the value of foods, fragrances and flavour homes. This business is headquartered in Cochin in India. It was built in the nineteen seventies. The founder is C. V. Jacob.

It has created wealth up to the number of four hundred crores in rupees. The staff number exceeds one thousand two hundred. 


Hoping you found valuable information about these top ten manufacturing companies in Ernakulam. Come back here for more of such crucial knowledge about manufacturing companies across the world. Give us your opinion about these companies below.


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