manufacturing companies in pune
manufacturing companies in pune

In this post, we shall find about the top manufacturing companies in Pune. Manufacturing companies can offer new jobs for many people. There are also other advantages hidden in this list of manufacturing companies in Pune. Pune is a thriving top city in India. You must learn about the top manufacturing companies in Pune. Hence, people need to read this post about the top 10 manufacturing companies in Pune.


1. Precision Gears[Manufacturing Companies in Pune]

manufacturing companies in pune
manufacturing companies in pune 2022

This company was built in 2002. This organization is an expert in manufacturing alongside supplying any industrial gear plus the gear box, high strength gear box, industrial equipment, concocted gear, related product plus CNC transformed parts such as transmission gear, automotive gear, metal transmission gear and high strength automotive gear. Such products are widely utilized within the automobile, food processing, gear box, spare and machine-building sectors. They now also repair any industrial gear box.


  • Stage helical g b
  • Helical parallel shaft vertical g b
  • Planetary gearbox
  • Planetary gear drive

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2. Elastomer IndiaElastomer India

This is the all-encompassing manufacturing hub which contains modern machines with the best equipment. The company has state-of-the-art tools alongside a group of competent staff. Hence, these qualities help the organization to complete the crucial plus personalized needs of their customers. It also possesses a group of specialized members who are proficient in their fields.

It happily sits in this list of all manufacturing companies in Pune since it maintains a constant intelligent focus over each of its actions within the system. These employees utilize high level things which are purchased from valuable sellers in that industry to manufacture every product.


  • Precise Molded Rubber Components
  • Hypalon Rubber Parts
  • Silicon Extruded Profile
  • Extruded Rubber
  • Rubber Cups
  • Nitrol Sponge

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3. National Meter

The business here was unfalteringly committed to keep the constant good quality and accuracy while producing alongside strong business operations. That work led it to become the highly successful company that it is today and is well-known among all the manufacturing companies in Pune. It was created in 2002, and it is the primary manufacturing, exporting, plus supplying unit for several types of gps tracker, speed limiter, IOT gadget as well as taxi meter.  These gps tracker sets will communicate using MQTT, TCP/IP as well as HTTP protocol within the cloud servers like cumulocity, IBM bluemix and Aws IOT. It will also offer safe communicating channels using Tls incorporated inside the gadget. The company will gather information using CAN that is with ISO 15765-4, Uds, J-1939, information in current vehicle groups as well as decipher faulty codes that are in the Ecu of the vehicles.


  • Products development
  • OEM supplying
  • Speed limiter
  • Device
  • Taxi-meter
  • Gps tracker

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4. Sintercom IndiaSintercom India

This company is a top automotive sintered parts manufacturing unit based at Pune. It is an expert in building mid-level to higher density sintered parts. These parts are used to build automotive engines, powertrains, exhaust-systems. Alongside they also help to create sensor parts for our valuable world clients.

The service portfolio includes drive-train gear, engine-sprocket, pulley, crank-shaft-bearing journal, transmitting gear, synchro-hub, alongside Abs ring, sensor hego boss plus flange.


  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Electrical Vehicle
  • Body-Chassis
  • Electrical-Power Steerings
  • Soft-Magnetic Composite

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5. LANA ValvesLANA Valves

In 1992 the building-related business called the LANA Valves business was created. Again like most companies the motto of the business is definitely satisfying its buyers beyond infinity. The company likes honesty, sincerity, as well as justice towards its work. It loves to dedicate itself to passionate working to achieve the highest level in value. 

Hence, the business went ahead and added the prestigious G.S. Parkhe Award from the MCCI Pune. It achieved this feat for creating the top product. This company looks at the potential for high demand in normalizing all flushing processes that the architect, builder, and plumbing contractor needs within the residential and commercial areas.

That is because you cannot change such a system owing to the expenditures that come up for covered fitting. Sporting the latest external looks plus hitech skills this business names itself as the LANA valves.


  • Sleeks
  • Plumbing Contractor
  • Builder
  • Urinals
  • Water discharging

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This company was created during 1972, Pune is the home so the General Industrial Controls Private Limited or the GIC. The business builds items related to automation, instrumentation and process control. It boasts itself as the primary launcher for the Indian time switch and timer.

After being just a tiny startup forty years ago, the business transformed to becoming a business which manufactures international level items. 

Using unwavering attention towards satisfying the needs of its buyers this company has truly developed and consistently enhanced their skills to create the business resume which encompasses perfection plus ace level quality.


  • Time switch
  • Process control
  • Monitoring device
  • Instrumentation
  • Converter
  • Transducer
  • Isolated Relays Modules

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7. Tamboli EngineersTamboli Engineers

This famous business has the humongous units that build several machine parts. These parts include specialty toolings, jig, fixture and prototype production of precision CNC machine parts.

Besides, the unit manufactures special needs shaft and machining of heavy casting, high precision as well as intricate parts, sub assemblies plus reconditioning of heavy tools all in the same place.


  • Aerospace part machine
  • CNC machined parts
  • Precision machine
  • Jigs & fixtures supplier
  • Heavy & long shafts

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8. Raditan Radiant

This enterprise had the name called the Radiant engineers  and started its work in 1977. You will be happy to know that a great batch of IITian pass outs build this company after specializing in the science of the heat exchangers. Today it stands as the top most heat exchanger building enterprises. It has the highly expert plus passionate staff and the current hitech skills. And it wants to complete the goal of development in relation to good-will, profits, recognitions, satisfying customers and satisfying the staff across the markets in the world.


  • Extended surface heat exchangers
  • High pressure shell
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Compact heat exchanger
  • Pressure vessels

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9. Associated ManufacturingAssociated Manufacturing

This company has gained the certification in ISO/TS 16949. And it is named as the Associated manufacturing LLP or AMC The business deals with creating precision sheet metal parts.  It began as a company in 1979 by creating billions of components every year in the one lakh sq ft hitech unit in Pune at a place called the Chakan.

The business gives the turnkey building results for not only creating components in the thirty five press units. These units produce between fifty and six hundred tons of products. Moreover, the company designs plus manufactures any tool as well as fixtures in their own domestic units. Thus it uses less time to build from conception to creation of those stupendous products.


  • Side-cushion members
  • Clutch covers
  • Vacuum brake-booster shell
  • Seat track or Rail-component passenger car
  • Sheet Metal Pulleys

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10. Trutech ProductsTrutech Products

The enterprise was created in the year 1997, and this business has built a reputation in the list of the top most greatest good-reputed transformer builder, supplier as well as exporter. This business boasts about its wide variety of products such as the three phase rectifiers, auto transformer, AC choke as well as DC choke. 

This company is situated in Pune, and sells all of its products that they build within the right budget. It sells domestically and in foreign countries. The company uses the experience and skills of its owner Mukesh Tolani to build the highest selling position in marketplaces across the globe. Moreover, the staff is precisely educated in the sector that it always delivers the projects within the time frame given.

Our Services:

  • Control-transformers
  • Step down-transformers
  • Isolation-transformers
  • AC choke
  • DC choke
  • Auto-transformers  

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These were the top ten manufacturing companies in Pune. The above information helps you to improve your company.  

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Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra, India. It is located approximately 400 kilometres away from Mumbai . The city has been ranked eleventh among Indian cities in the cleanliness survey conducted by Union Ministry of Urban Development in 2015. We are glad to share with you the top 10 manufacturing companies situated in Pune. hope our information will be helpful for you.


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