Chennai has been one of the biggest cities in the world. Yet, do you know the best ten manufacture-related businesses in Chennai? Well, in this post we will talk about the top ten manufacturing companies in this huge city.

These awesome businesses deal with building automobiles, tyres, instruments, cements, cold storages, electronic and electrical tools. We have positioned these companies’ according to the current status. We will edit them whenever there are new changes.

1. TVS Motor CompanyTVS Motor Company

This business creates two-wheelers. Plus, one will see the business headquartered at the city Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The famous company was created in the year 1978.

TVS is a leading two-wheeler manufacturer in India and among the best ranked manufacture-related companies in Chennai. This business has a yearly income of a staggering one point five-billion USD. Besides, the company is the sister branch of the global tycoon known as the TVS.

2. Ashok Leyland

TVS Motor Company

Anyone can find this business’s headquarters at Chennai, Tamil Nadu; and it was founded in 1948. It produces commercial vehicles.

Ashok Leyland leads the nation’s automobile industry. This business possesses six manufacture related setups at Alwar, Bhandara, Chennai, and Hosur.

3. TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment LimitedTVS Motor Company

People will find this enterprise’s headquarters at Chennai, Tamil Nadu; and it was founded in 1960. It manufactures engines and diesel related stuff.

You must know that this is one of the topmost famous tractor building units in the country. The value of this enterprise stands at a whopping one point five billion USD. It builds crucial stuff such as automotive products like the engine, battery, hydraulic pump plus any machinery part.

4. Larsen & ToubroTVS Motor Company

A person wanting to know more will find this company’s headquarters at Chennai, Tamil Nadu; and it was founded in the year 1938. It is famous for its construction, engineering, and manufacture.

This enterprise’s main roots actually are linked with Mumbai. L and T are dealing with several important manufacturing processes. This company is proud of its IT, engineering, construction as well as manufacturing industries. Do you know that this enterprise’s engineering, design plus R and D hubs can be found in Chennai?

5. MRF Limited

TVS Motor Company

The reader will easily find this business’s headquarters at Chennai, Tamil Nadu; and it was founded in 1946. It builds tyres.

People must understand that the MRF limited also called as Madras rubber factory limited leads the nation in the tyre manufacturing sector. This enterprise deals with tyre distributing, marketing as well as manufacture. It has a remarkable market value of two billion USD.

6. Ramco Cement limited

 Ramco Cement limited

You can find this company’s headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu; and it was founded in 1939. It is renowned for cement production.

In India Ramco cement leads the cement manufacture sectors. This company is also the branch of the famous Ramco groups. It possesses a maximum of five manufacture-related units lying throughout India. Do you know that Ramco creates a colossal thirteen metric ton of cement each year?

7. Michelin tyre India

Michelin tyre India

Anyone can find this enterprise’s headquarters at Clermont Ferrand, France; a 2/3 founded in 1888. It creates tyres.

Viola, this big company is from France, and Michelin leads the tyre manufacture sector in the world. Moreover, this enterprise creates valuable tyres for cars, sport vehicles, two-wheelers, commercial trucks, aircrafts, buses and similar heavy vehicles. You will find Michelin’s tyre manufacture units at Chennai. It staffs one thousand five hundred people!

8. Hyundai Motor India Limited

Hyundai Motor India Limited

One will find that the business’s headquarters are in Seoul; South Korea and it was founded in 1967. The enterprise builds automobiles. In the manufacture sector for cars Hyundai is easily amid the best ten manufacture-related units at Chennai. It is a huge winner among the car manufacture-related sector across this world.

9. Ford India private limited

Ford India private limited

You can find this company’s headquarters in Dearborn; US and it was founded in 1903. It produces automobiles.

Who hasn’t heard of this company? Well, the main hub of this enterprise is found in the United States. In Chennai, this great unit builds Ford Fiesta, Figo, Eco sports, Endeavor, and more.

10. Blue Star

Blue Star

People will find this enterprise’s headquarters at Gurgaon; Haryana and it was founded in 1943. This company proudly manufactures air conditioner and refrigerator related stuff.

This enterprise leads the air conditioning plus refrigerating manufacture sector. One of the branches is placed at Chennai. It encompasses a giant market position among the nation’s related sectors.




These were the stunning ten manufacture-related companies in Chennai. Do give us more names if you want.


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