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Animation is an addiction which can make a normal person crazy towards art. If you love animations, then you should chase the following podcasts which will get you more facts about your favorite artists. The following are categorized on the basis of frequency on the top searches. Hope you will enjoy the animation podcasts written below.


Top 10 Animation Podcasts

1. Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

A perfect mixture of entertainment and studies, is the supreme quality of The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast. Each episode of the podcast is telecasted with a bunch of information about the art of animation creators, news of the animation industry and most importantly it enables the audiences to know about the business of animation. This podcast is hosted by two of the ex-Disney animators, Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft. They invite big personalities from the animation industry to their podcast and discuss a variety of stuff related to animations. On this podcast you can hear big talents like Glen Kenate, Brad Bird and Don Hahn.

2. DRAWN: The Story of Animation

Drawn as the name says it is an animation podcast which was designed on the concept of interviews of animation creators. It is hosted by Holly Frey. In every new podcast the audience gets to know about the highlights of different themes which the animation professionals use to design the podcast. There are many such themes but few of them which makes one an
animation podcast addict are The Villains of animation, Music of ‘Toons, and How Cartoons Get Made.

3. Nick Animation Podcast

Being a fan of animations you would know about Nickelodeon. For the fans of the Nickelodeon family this is the best podcast. It is hosted by Hector Navarro. He takes the audience to the behind the scenes of different animations on Nickelodeon channel. Along with the podcast you experience a short travel through the brain of animation creators, cartoon artists, voice talent and the storming brain behind the concept of animation.

4. Skwigly Animation Podcast

The most famous magazine of the animation world is Skwigly Animation Magazine and a special podcast in accordance to that magazine is podcasted which is named as Skwigly Animation Podcast. It is the best platform for the people who are curious to know about the history of animation. In each episode of the podcast you can get all the updated animation news, reviews
of different animation programs and interviews of famous talented artists. In all it is a great platform for the animation lovers. Also, you would be able to hear the experiences of many famous cartoonists and animation artists.

5. The Animation Podcast

A famous animation artist who began a series wherein he used to feature interviews of legends of animations and that artist is Clay Kaytis. You also get about the stories behind the creative works that Clay has worked on in the past, some of the famous works includes Tangled, Wreck-
it, Ralph and Frozen. Some of the famous people who have appeared in the podcast are Glen Keane and Ray Harryhausen.

6. Talkin’ Toons

Rob Paulsen, a skilled voice artist, is the host of the podcast Talkin’ Toons. In the podcast you hear the biggest voice talents on the same platform. The concept of the show is to discuss the experiences, reading scripts and re-enacting famous scenes of various films and imagine you can enjoy these with all the famous cartoonists’ voices.

7. Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker is a famous podcast in which the host takes the audiences on a travel tour to different board game designers’ minds, famous video game music composers skills, city architects and legends animators. Host of the show is Liam Geraghty. This podcast is great for the people who want to experience the behind the screen, in the mechanism of motion graphics and on the pages of exclusive content of various animations.

8. Paper Wing Show

If you dream to become a future artist or an animation writer, then you should listen to this podcast in which you can hear about advice and hear about awesome interviews of the artists involved in the process of creating the ultimate podcast. It is hosted by Chris Oatley. Along with the animation, the talk host also tells you to overcome the obstacles in your progress, how to deal with anxiety and fear and many other aspects which will help you to raise you after failing.

9. The Oatley Academy Artcast

Chris Oatley also runs another brilliant audio podcast which is The Oatley Academy Artcast. It is an inspirational program which helps as a guide when you decide to have a career in the field of animation. You can get the best advice from the most inspirational voices in the animation industry, the motion designers world, cartoon voice actors and also from the visual
development department.

10. Chiustream

Bobby Chiu, who is the winner of various awards such as Emmy, is the host of Chiustream podcast. In the series of the podcast he takes the audiences through two concepts. These two concepts are art and life as an artist. The guest for episodes varies as in each episode we hear a different voice which shares the life experience as an artist in the top film, animation, tv, illustration and games too. Along with the experience of guests Chiu also shares his experience of becoming an award winning artist.

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