This post will describe the top 10 Anime Wifus of all time. Read along and enjoy the many interesting characters that inspire all Anime fans like us:


10. Shiki Ryougi  

This role among the top waifus displays sleek power. She has this strength to defeat many people. KnK videos amazingly define her beauty plus rawness during fights. Thanks to the awesome art work from ufo table. Yuki Kajiura has offered the music.  

Here, Shiki is the main lead with the characters’ personal story and the bonding with her partner. Maaya Sakamoto, does a good job in giving the sounds. The dubbing artiste has great variety and finesse. 

9. Sinon  

In terms of Sinon, the main aspect is not the characters’ content. Here, this top anime waifus role displays excitement or density. Definitely, she is a looker.  


Although the role portrays maturity and proficient gaming power, inside her she possesses flaws and unforgotten sadness. This role gets the sound from Miyuki Sawashiro. Plus, the design is great. 

8. Megumi Tadokoro

In Food Wars you can see several top 10 waifus. Megumi is one such role that began with not much inner-strength. Yet, when the story moves this character displays high improvements unlike the rest. 

In this section Megumi is easily the most compassionate towards the rest. Especially in terms of the dishes she cooks. That is why her dishes are made with passion towards the customer. 

7. Alice Nakiri   

Alice can also be among the top ten waifus from Food Wars. However, quite distinct, as the intelligent cook. She possesses high proficiency and techniques. 

Moreover, this role portrays extroverted and mischievous nature. She is not dense. You will enjoy all the jokes she says. And, you will support her role and looks. 

6. Rider or Medusa 

 When the viewer hunts for looks then this role is certainly a charmer in that category.  Yet, like the subordinate within the Holy Grail War, this top waifus is too strong physically.  

The role displays the ability to kill people with the thigh sections. Inside this role portrays the elder sibling caring nature. Yet, she carries the nerd looks gracefully.   

5. Mai Sakurajima 

This top Waifus character holds the show on her shoulders. Most people in this category face issues. It describes their unique fears and problems. The best example is Mai who changes her fate with grit. 

Although the role displays self-obsession, she later portrays compassion for others. The role helps Sakuta in many ways and uses her weakness to win the game. Her rabbit like costume made everyone vote for her. 

4. Violet Evergarden 

Most viewers love this waifus’ anime. Yet, the other animes’ aren’t this captivating. Here, the character is exceptionally attractive, KyoAni Studios offered the top-level animation. Yet, the inner side portrays sadness and self-obsession. 

The role portrays extraordinary support to others for opening up. While doing so this girl too does the same. Prior to the war till the end the girl develops into a happy person.  

3. Tsubasa Hanekawa  

The Monogatari shows are a little different but artistic. Here, the guy supports the ladies to find their supernatural powers. It portrays their mistakes as stepping stones to winning.  The role calls for suiting the meganekko tropes. This character is too perfect. Hanekwa has the right looks, brains. Yui Horie also has offered her sound to her.   

Her perfection amidst all kinds of scenarios seems strange. That is why the show portrays this role of hers as an issue. Her past experience of hardships from a bad family makes her strong. The role only displays meditative mind and kindness.  The role calls for high inner pressure while never disturbing others in the process. Moreover the top 10 best waifus, Hanekawa shows extreme love for the main lead, too, with the same perfectionist.

2. Yukino Yukinoshita  

Many fans love this character the most. People who love solitude will identify with this character. The looks factors like lengthy dark tresses on a perfect body is great.  Her eyes are icy-blue toned.  People get stunned by her looks. Though she comes across as the introvert who is busy alone. And that moved her away from other people. Thus, she is labeled as the lonely Waifu. 

This role calls for sarcasm, too. Yet, she remains devoted to the Hachiman protagonist. The character began to get happier as she got to know Hachiman. Her love for cats, Hachiman and compassion for Service CLub is brought out clearly. Moreover, the best part is that this character is ordinary but different in her own might. 

1. Rin Tosaka

Rin is a real character with all the elements of a real person. However, at war she becomes strong. The woman can burst gems and beat the crap out of anyone.  Known as the ideal ‘Tsundere’ and one among the three best Waifus. Though she has looks and behavior that can deceive you. 

In Spite of being completely broken this girl does everything she can to win. That is what makes her realistic and lovable.  She fights without any help, too, to be among the top 10 anime waifus.


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