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Before talking about popular YouTubers and channels on Minecraft in the world, let’s look at what Minecraft is and how it can be played. Minecraft emerged out of nothing but pure creativity.


What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a highly creative game developed by Mojang in the Java programming language. The players in Minecraft have an open land where they can use their creativity and create their own world using the resources provided. Minecraft helps your children to develop their mind IQ. 

Anyone above the age of 13 are allowed to play Minecraft and also the children under the age of 13 can play Minecraft with the consent of their parents. The game “Minecraft” is available on various platforms such as PC, mobiles, PlayStation, Wii …etc. 

The version of Minecraft developed for mobile phones is known as Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE). Earlier this Minecraft PE was also known as the Bedrock Edition. There are various modes in Minecraft such as survival mode, creative mode, hardcore mode, spectator mode and adventure mode. 

Out of these modes the survival mode and the creative mode is mainly played by the users. In the survival mode the main aim of the player is to survive as far as long as possible. The player should gather the resources from the environment to create shelter and craft weapons. 

The player needs to defend against the monsters spawn on darker sides in this mode  using tools such as axes and swords. The player can create survival houses and use it for shelter in order to escape from attacks. The player also has a health bar and hunger bar in the game which shows their health and the time to eat. If the player is hungry, the hunger bar shows variation which in turn affects the health of the player. 

There is an inventory in this game which helps the players to manage the items carried. This survival mode makes this game adventurous and more interesting. There are lots of adventures in this game which are to be experienced. Whereas in creative mode the player is set free in the open world of the map where he has access to every resource and of the map. 

In this mode the player is not affected by hunger and health, he can play the game freely according to his desires. The game has an adventure mode in which the player can design his own adventure maps. The players also have certain limitations while using this mode. 

The player cannot break every block with any tools, he should use the right tool for the right block. This mode seems simple but it is very puzzling. Other than these modes, Minecraft also has many mini-games which can be played between player to player in many servers.

Minecraft is a very interesting game. This attractive game is utilized by various content creators and YouTubers to create blogs and videos about the gameplay and mods of this game. Let us look at some popular Minecraft YouTubers worth watching.

Minecraft Youtubers Worth Watching :

There are many Minecraft YouTubers in this world streaming the live gameplay of Minecraft and entertaining Minecraft fans. They also give tips and tricks about this game through videos on YouTube. Some of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers worth watching are :


DanTDM is the YouTube channel of a 29-year-old British YouTube content creator named Daniel Robert Middleton. He is one of the most famous Minecraft YouTubers in the world. He has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube. He gained his subscribers through doing interesting videos and live streams on Minecraft since 2012. He also plays Roblox and Fortnite other than Minecraft. He is a very entertaining guy both for kids and adults equally.


Dream is one of the most famous Minecraft content creators in the world. On YouTube, he has more than 22 million subscribers on his main channel. He also has 6 other YouTube channels. He started his YouTube channel earlier in 2014.


Jelle Van Vucht is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers known for his YouTube channel “Jelly”. He started his YouTube channel earlier in 2014 and has over 21 million subscribers now. He is from Roermond in the Netherlands. He gained his fans earlier by playing the game “GTA 5”, but then he shifted to playing Minecraft.


AuthenticGames is one of the oldest Minecraft YouTube channels. This channel is owned by Marco Túlio Matos Vieira, a 29-year-old Brazilian. He is a college dropout who has over 19 million subscribers on YouTube. He focuses on Minecraft and Roblox to entertain his audience.


TheWillyrex is the YouTube channel of a 28-year-old man from Spain named Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez. He has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. He gained his audience through the game “Call Of Duty” but now does videos on Minecraft in Spanish.


PopularMMOs is a famous American Minecraft YouTube channel. The channel is owned by a guy named Patrick. He is called by the nickname “Pat” by his audience. He plays Minecraft along with his ex-wife Jen in a live stream together. He has over 17 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

7.MrBeast Gaming:

MrBeast Gaming is a Minecraft YouTube channel run by a 23-year-old American named Jimmy Donaldson. He has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. He started his YouTube channel in 2012 at the age of 13. He focuses on the game “Among Us” other than Minecraft.


SSundee is a 33-year-old American YouTuber who has over 17 million subscribers. He is a popular Minecraft YouTuber who started his career in 2013 with a Minecraft mod related video. He is from Summerville in the United States. He is one of the famous players in Minecraft United States.

9.Sky Does Everything:

Adam Dalhberg is the founder of the YouTube channel Sky Does Everything. This channel was earlier known as Sky Does Minecraft. He is an American YouTuber and an animator. He did many videos on Minecraft animation. He has over 11 million subscribers on YouTube.

10. CaptainSparklez:

CaptianSparklez is a popular Minecraft YouTube channel which has over 11 million subscribers. A 29-year-old man named Jordan Baron from California in the United States is the founder of this YouTube channel. He started his channel with the gameplay of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This guy is one of the oldest Minecraft YouTubers in the world.

We have come across some of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers in the world. Now let’s see the kid-friendly Minecraft channels on YouTube.

Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on Youtube

Minecraft is played by everyone irrespective of age. There are many kids around the age group of 9 to 15 who are big fans of Minecraft. They seek for more tips and tricks about this game on YouTube. There are many content creators who are doing videos to attract kids. They go for kid-friendly content rather than sensitive content in order to attract their parents’ attention. There is a wide range of content which can be created for a Minecraft YouTuber to grab kids attention. They can make let’s play videos, animated videos, Minecraft mods videos…etc to grab the kids mind. Let’s see the list of some popular kid-friendly YouTubers:


DanTDM is one of the most kid-friendly Minecraft YouTube channels in the world. This channel got several kids choice awards for his kid-friendly content on YouTube.


This guy is known for his entertaining commentary on his gameplay. He has the power to attract kids with new adventurous maps and his own playing styles.


This channel is hosted by a very family-friendly guy called “Pat” along with his ex-wife “Jen”. This channel is very kid-friendly, but sometimes they use unspeakable content.


David Spencer is the content creator of this YouTube channel who is also known as squid nugget. This guy creates very kid-friendly content. He does cool Minecraft mods and undertakes many game challenges.

5.Minecraft Universe:

Minecraft Universe is also known as TrueMU. This channel is hosted by Jason Probst. He creates very kid-friendly content on YouTube full of adventure maps and mini-games. He has also published electronic songs.

Let’s Conclude:

There are several other popular YouTubers who are talented builders and survivors. Some of them speak sensitive content and adult humor. There are lots of people who like adult language and gaming. 

There are many Minecraft YouTubers doing such videos to entertain those people. Some people create tonnes of adventure inside the game Whereas some content creators make survival houses and do survival series to entertain people. There are many famous Minecraft YouTubers making lively videos and entertaining videos in order to earn money. 

So you can get anything of your choice from the worldwide net. YouTube has a big part in making Minecraft one of the most popular games in the world. 

Rather than YouTubers there are many active bloggers who brought out the spirit of the game through their powerful logs and articles. They also have a major share in making people understand various aspects of this game.

We should understand that Minecraft is a brain exercise for your kids and adults more than a game. We can improve our creativity through this game.

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