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Yoga is the best part of everyone’s life and it provides soothing feelings. However, it is said that yoga keeps the person healthy and alert. Also, if you do yoga at the start of the day, then your body feels fresh. But what if your yoga place is dirty and unhygienic? Nobody likes to sit in dirty places then having exercise is impossible. Moreover, it is estimated that 70% of people are using the same yoga mat for many years.

Besides this, if they feel any type of bad odor in the mat, they put this under the sunlight. Putting the yoga mat in the sunlight is not a solution because it requires the proper wash. Furthermore, the washing method of the yoga mat is not ordinary. However, people often ask the question that how to clean the yoga mat? Moreover, if you are one of them here is the solution.


Why Yoga Mat Needs Wash?

It seems a very general question but dozen people don’t know the answer about it. Furthermore, when you do yoga or any other exercise, your body releases the sweat. That sweat then absorbs in the exercise mat and becomes the cause of the bad odor. 

Therefore, many trainers guide that how to clean the yoga mat, so that, you can enjoy your yoga. Besides this, if you are doing the exercise in the early morning and feeling any bad smell in your surroundings. Your mood will swing and your whole day will be spoiled.

However, this is the main reason that yoga specialists instruct you to keep your yoga mat clean. Besides this, various people are very thankful that all dust, bad smell, and other things are easily removable. However, people think that only one whip can clean the yoga mat, but this process requires separate products.

Washing Products

It is said that keeping the yoga mat in the sunlight will decrease the bad odor. But you can use these products.

·      Spray

·      Vinegar

·      Water

·      Sponge

·      Towel

·      Laundry detergent

·      Mild dish soap

You must have all these products at your home, right? Several people think that these products are feasible. But in reality, these products are extremely beneficial and keep the yoga mat odorless. Furthermore, some people get help from the laundry shops that provide the best services for cleaning the yoga mat. 

Moreover, it is not rocket science to clean the yoga mat but it requires some effort. Besides this, if you want to keep this mat in the sunlight then the small dust particle will disappear. Moreover, you can’t use washing detergents that have sharp results. Because they will ruin the actual appearance of the yoga mat.

Things to Avoid

Likewise, you can’t vigorously rub the mat with the scrub because it can create the knit on the mat. Also, avoid the use of oil because they are not reliable for cleaning the yoga mat. If you ask the beginner how to clean your yoga mat then he must be puzzled. 

Unfortunately, many yoga enthusiasts don’t know how to do yoga in a hygienic place. Therefore, they use irrelevant things for mat washing purposes.

Furthermore, you’ll find several types of cleaners and solvents in the market for cleaning purposes. They all have a temporary effect on your yoga mat and after that, you’ll get no result. Also, avoid using the wet yoga mat because your body releases the sweat and it absorbs in the mat.

However, if you are ready for yoga in the early morning then try to avoid applying any cream. It will directly apply to the yoga mat.

Other Facts

You can add the baking soda for 10 to 15 mins for washing purposes. Moreover, if you search on the internet that how to clean your yoga mat. You’ll find the many steps for this purpose. Moreover, it is very important to know that you can’t clean the yoga mat from both sides. Also, you can’t wash the yoga mat on the regular basis, if you do this then it will lose its original appearance.

Therefore, it is important for you that you should take the proper guidance from experts. They will better guide you in this regard. Moreover, don’t go for the method of the internet video. They use different techniques and materials for this purpose. 

However, the daily wash can also be very dangerous for your yoga mat. Furthermore, it is said that you can’t rely on one thing because many things can help you in making your yoga mat new.


Here are some of the important myths that usually people consider when it comes to washing the yoga mat.

·      It is a waste of time and money.

·      Moreover, it does not have any relation with health

·      Furthermore, you can easily use the yoga mat without washing it.

·      A person can go with the unwashed mat for various months.

·      Besides this, a yoga mat will lose its original appearance even once you wash it.

All these myths keep the various person away from the washing techniques. If you do the same things with your yoga mat then you’ll get the severe medical effect. Therefore, you need to be very careful about it. Yoga is a way where your body gets relaxation. And if you ignore the cleaning purposes of its mat then your all efforts are in vain.


So, these are the instructions that make the yoga enthusiast more active. You can keep your yoga mat clean with these instructions. However, Wellyx is a platform that makes everything possible for their customers and allows them to stay in connection with the experts. However, it is time to make your yoga style unique and clean.


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