iPad Models

iPad was introduced to the world at the year of January 2010. iPad has its variety in their shape and size. At present there are 3 varities of iPad with new feature. If your iPad get broken it will have huge risk if you think to repair from home. Its better to opt a proffesionals in changing the screen to get replaced. For the iPad screen replacement ,Apple charges from $199 to $599 to set the broken iPad : The normal iPad is of the length 9.7 inch with the amount of $325+. Hence it made simple to buy and get.There are many iPad repair in Delhi and other cities

1. 12.9 iPad inch Pro:

The new generation iPad Pro released at the year of 2018. Stilll with the diagonal inch of thickness. It has the 12 MP camera. 30-60 frames can provide with 4K videos per sec. 2732×2048 is the display size!

2. The iPad Pro:

Its of the length 11 inch, then 10.5 inch and the latest with 12.9 inch. It has the following features:

  • Display with advance setting
  • Faster Processor
  • Smart keyboard supportation
  • For latest one have Apple pencil
  • Proving charging system
  • Instead of charging and data lighting they use USB-C

3. iPad Mini:

Has the length of 7.9 inch pads. This has not even get refreshed since the year of 2015. It is still available for purchasing.According to budget now days the users brought iPad Mini.

4. 12.9-inch iPad Pro:

12.9 inch iPad Pro

Here the usable screen consist of length 12.9 inches that is too in diagonal way. iPad Pro come across with the 12 MP camera which contain smart HDR and includes Apple’s all own the lighting mode and the portrait mode. At the final stage the Apple has switched out its standard lighting cable.

5. 11- inch iPad Pro:

As similar with 12.9 inch Pro, this one comes with the whistle and bells. It contain the same types of CPU. The camera setup fixed with M12 co-processor.

6. 9.7 inch iPad:

At the year of 2018, the refreshed version of its get supports the Apple pencil. The starting level of iPad are getting some boost to he power of processing.

7. 12.9 inch iPad Pro ( the 2nd gen):

Its the second generation iPad Pro at the year of 2017. Its one of the best tab in the world with theatrical color gambit. It will makes the videos and movies more beautiful. The availability of True tone display operates the 120 Hz to get smooth graphical transactions.

8. 10.5 inch iPad Pro:

It is also a 2nd generation iPad. It has the smallest bezel all around the display. The latest iPad Pro extend with 10.5 inch while length of the inch is half . It match with 2017 released iPad 12.9 inch type. It have the power and also the performance while we maintaining a size with small and cheap in cost.

9. iPad of the 5 th Generation:

The world have an expectation on the release of the iPad Pro but the iPad Air 3, Apple got to release that in the lineup of “iPad”. The new one don’t have the AIR 2’S along with the laminated screen. It gains some half inch of thick, you could not tell the difference. The feature available is $329 entry level price tag.

10. 9.7 inch iPad Pro:

9.7 inch iPad Pro

It is the 1st generation. iPad Pro is not simple or small version of 12.9 inch pro. It has the improvement upon display, adding true tone and reflection decreased during the sunlight. It support 12MP camera with live photos.


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